About Zuiderplastics

A reliable partner who thinks along, unburdens you and delivers high-quality custom work.

Major player in Northern Europe

In the mid eighties, the first Zuiderplastics products left the blow moulding machine in Zundert. After ten years of pioneering, developing and expanding, the company moved into the current building on 37 Ambachten. Since then, Zuiderplastics has grown to become a major player in the northern European market for specialist hollow plastic products.

Reliable partner

The plant serves a broad client base. This base ranges from industries such as climate control, security, and agricultural equipment, from small businesses to multinationals and from many European countries to the United States. This diversity ensures stability in the production and makes the company a reliable partner for buyers and suppliers. Zuiderplastics currently has about 25 employees.

Why Zuiderplastics?

  • 40 years of experience in blow molding and development of hollow plastic products
  • The compact company structure means: short lines and an efficient, cost-conscious working method
  • Tailor-made solutions in production and post-processing
  • Zuiderplastics stands for quality and reliability
  • The customer remains the owner of the mould
  • Strong commitment to product and customer
Onze mensen zijn ons belangrijkste kapitaal

Our mission

Being a reliable partner for customers and suppliers who contributes, unburdens and delivers high-quality customisation. For our employees: a committed and responsible employer that offers perspective.


Zuiderplastics has the long-term goal of progressive growth based on sustainable relationships with all stakeholders.

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