Zuiderplastics | Our people are our main capital | Zuiderplastics
Zuiderplastics has the machinery for production, assembly and finishing, but the main capital is our people who generate creative solutions for the customer
people, creative solutions, blow moulding, hollow plastic products
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Our people

People are capital

Zuiderplastics is a capital intensive business. We have six blow moulding machines, a machine for finishing and final assembly, a large warehouse for just-in-time delivery and storage of moulds. But our most important capital is our enthusiastic staff that provides the solutions for the production and for satisfied customers. We invest in our people as this ensures long-term client relationships. Zuiderplastics is made by its people.

Corporate social responsability

Zuiderplastics is committed to corporate social responsibility. In cooperation with the UWV (Dutch Employee Insurance Schemes Implementing Body), we provide opportunities to local youth with limited prospects in the labour market. This gives them the opportunity to build a social existence. Through this Social Return on Investment (SROI), Zuiderplastic wants to contribute to the local economy and the social cohesion of the region. See the video below made by Employers Service Point West Brabant about what we do with social entrepreneurship.

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