Zuiderplastics | Finishing and assembly after blow moulding | Zuiderplastics
After production Zuiderplastics offers a variety of in house finishing techniques (including CNC milling, punching, drilling, cutting, plastic welding) and assembly possibilities  
Zuiderplastics, CNC milling, punching, drilling, cutting, plastic welding, assembly. finishing
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Finishing and assembly


After the product has been blown, it can be delivered without finishing. Zuiderplastics also offers a variety of finishing techniques, including CNC milling, punching, drilling, cutting, plastic welding. Our staff ensures that the necessary technology is appropriately and efficiently.


This is also true for installation and assembly. Zuiderplastics has extensive experience with products consisting of several plastic components and with the processing of components consisting of a variety of materials. The client is provided with a (semi-finished) product immediately ready for subsequent installation or for sale. This saves time and money.