Zuiderplastics | Custom made plastic products with blow moulding | Zuiderplastics
Zuiderplastics is a leading blow moulding producer of hollow plastic products for equipment manufacturers in North West Europe
Blow moulding, custom made, hollow plastic products, North West Europa, Netherlands, Belgium, machine building, customer focus, HVAC, plumbing, pleasure craft, agriculture, complex forms
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Over 30 years of experience in blow moulding allows Zuiderplastics
Zuiderplastics to offer customised solutions in production and finishing processes.
Zuiderplastics stands for reliability and quality.

Our people
create solutions

Our most important capital is our enthusiastic staff
that provides the solutions for the production
and for satisfied customers.

Zuiderplastics blow moudling solutions:


Zuiderplastics is a leading producer of hollow plastic products for equipment manufacturers in North West Europe. This strong position is the result of over 30 years of experience and success in the blow moulding. Zuiderplastics provides custom production runs of 250 to 5,000 units. Annual productions are possible up to 180 000 units.

Our people make the solutions

Our strength lies in our problem-solving capacity offered to customers. This capacity comes from the people who work at Zuiderplastics, especially among our employees in the workplace. The commitment to client and product is significant, which allows us to constantly offer customised solutions. This applies to both the production itself and any post-processing and assembly. Customers with complex needs have been working with Zuiderplastics for years.


Our products are mainly used as a component or semi-finished product in climate control (HVAC), plumbing, agricultural machinery, pleasure crafts and security products. Typical examples of products include tanks, pipes, (complex) curves, junctions and distributors, but also finished products such as bottles and watering cans. Examples can be found under Products.

Our markets

Flexibele luchtpijp klimaatsysteem Zuiderplastics

Climate control

For new constructions and renovated buildings, we supply components for systems (tubes, pipes, angles) for the supply of air and exhaust of smoke; we also produce parts for furnaces. These are often mass-customisation: complex shapes combined with various finishing operations such as sawing, welding and final assembly.

Concealed cistern


For the plumbing industry, we produce fully assembled flush sinks, toilets and special fittings for elevated reservoirs for bathing systems. Waterproof, naturally.

Demper binnenboordmotor Zuiderplastics

Pleasure craft

Engine components in countless of pleasure craft have been made in Zundert. Such as dampers, swan necks and water ditches. These are complex shapes that often leave the factory mounted with hose connections and caps, suitable for direct delivery through the distribution channel of the client.

Buffer veevoeder


For the agricultural sector, Zuiderplastics creates parts for milking robots and farm vehicles and components for test methods. Products that can be cleaned and take a beating.



Examples of products for the domestic market are watering cans and sprayers. These are made for the consumer market and are available in a variety of colours.



Examples of miscellaneous products are: a reservoir of a dishwasher, an oil tank for hydraulic cutters and an ink tank for dye pack rigged briefcases and cash machines. Diverse, versatile and fully made to client specifications.